What We Do

Real Estate

We advise owners and developers of commercial, industrial, and multifamily real estate. We draft, negotiate, and review leases and sale agreements, represent commercial borrowers, form entities to own and operate investment real estate, and enforce leases when necessary.


We advise a wide range of private businesses, ranging from one- and two-person enterprises to firms with hundreds of employees and annual sales approaching $100 million. Our business clients seek our counsel on employment matters, business contracts, real estate needs, buying other businesses, and selling the business or transitioning ownership to the next generation of family or key employees.

Land Use

We help our clients to apply for and receive land use permits, both at public hearings and in negotiations with the city or county beforehand. Our lawyers have helped clients obtain and extend land use permits for subdivisions, resort expansions, sand dune grading, and special-use permits.

Estate Planning

We design and implement estate plans for our clients to transfer wealth to following generations, maintaining the integrity of the family businesses and investments that created the wealth. Our lawyers have also advised business owners whose relatives do not want to carry on the business to transfer ownership to key employees while preserving the value of the owners’ hard work for their families.